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Headend transceiving equipment PolySegment 

     Headend transceiving equipment PolySegment is further development already of the known technology of MultiSegment. Due to original technical decisions and by application of optical components - the equipment new possibilities are inherent :

  • universality, possibility of work in composition the base stations of standard of MMDS (DVB-C, DVB-T, DOCSIS), WiMax (IEEE 802.16) etc.;
  • flexibility of application - passing to other frequency range or other standard does not require replacement of headend transceiving equipment;
  • absence of limitation on the possible height of setting of transceiving complex and his delete from the head station;
  • expansion of range of workings frequencies to 6 GHz and area of service a to 50 km;
  • protecting from hindrances and reliability of the system on the whole.

     The distinctive feature of new transceiving equipment of PolySegment is the use of optical components for connection with the head station, that allows to place HS on a delete a to 10 km from a transceiving complex.

PolySegment: WiMAX repeater

     The WiMAX repeater is a two-way radio system designed to expand coverage of a WiMAX Base Station to "dark" areas. The repeater allows system operators to bypass direct Line-Of-Sight obstacles between the base station and areas with new subscribers, extending coverage beyond the Base Station standard range. Another application is to provide better service inside large buildings.

Key features:

  • Repeater for FDD WiMAX Systems.
  • Cost-effective way to extend Base Station footprint for additional subscribers.
  • Bypass Line-Of-Sight obstacles.
  • Provide better in-building coverage.
  • Programmable Frequencies.

     The only connection requirement from the outside is a power feed. Nominal power is 220 VAC, but DC powering is available as an option.